Oak Harbor Signs
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Completed Photo Albums

Completed the photo albums for the responsive website.

Still tweaking areas of the website to make it fast and responsive and easily used by any device.

Next step is to add more photos to the albums. Watch for new photos here soon.

Faster Loading Photo Pages

I changed and updated the photo pages so they would upload faster.

I added two new pages of photos, Boats and Channel-Markers.

More to come soon.

Newest Signs

Now our latest signs can be seen on this website and Facebook.

As the website is updated with more galleries, the Newest Signs page’s photographs will be emptied and filed in the appropriate pages on the website. Newer signs will be uploaded into the Newest Signs page gallery.

Banners Gallery

Coming soon….

Our Banners’ Gallery of photographs.

Coming Soon

Two new pages coming soon to our website:

Third Party Artwork page: Information on how the customer submits third party artwork to us. Third party artwork is any artwork done by another sign shop or graphic designer.

Copyright page: Information on what is considered copyrighted artwork. The customer’s options to purchase their artwork.