Oak Harbor Signs
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Mar 2013

Cellphone Yellow Menu Button

Navigating the website on a phone:
On phones there is a yellow menu button in the upper right hand corner. Click on that button and the phone now has access to the whole website.

Contacting Us

With our newly updated website we decided to make it easier than before for our customers to reach us.

Each page contains access to our phone number and/or email address.

Customers’s complaints about finding our phone number encouraged us to find new ways to display it. The most obvious way is our new logo with a huge phone number.

Our contact form is one more tool to connect with us. It was tested on both a desktop and tablet. It functioned beautifully.

An email link is at the bottom of each page. It goes to the actual email address. No more need to fiddle with the email address to make it work.

Now Faster Page Loads for Photos

Updated the Sand Carved Signs page and created three pages. The single page was bogged down by its huge selection of photos. We limited the photos per page to 36. We tested the slideshow on a tablet and noted how much faster the page uploaded. It helped to have a tablet to test the website colors and page load times.

We are on Facebook!

Follow us on Facebook for the latest signs we have completed. Signs are posted by a phone.

Look for special offers on our Facebook page.

Sand Carved Signs Portfolio

Newly upgraded Sand Carved Signs Portfolio accessible by tablets and phones.

Fully Responsive Website

Welcome to our newly upgraded website!

Our website is accessible by tablets, phones, and desktops.