Oak Harbor Signs
Custom Built For You!

A. How Do I Order A Sign?

1. Order by phone: 360.675.3918

2. Order by email: oakharborsigns@gmail.com

3. Order in person by making an appointment. We meet you at our shop or at your business.

4. We design a customer's sign.

5. Or a customer brings in artwork as specified on this web page.

6. Sign a contract and pay a 50% deposit. Each sign is custom built for a business or individual.

7. Production begins upon receipt of a customer's deposit and their final approval of artwork.

C. Why Did I Get Charged A Cleanup Fee on My Artwork?

1. The artwork fails to meet our standards for printing or cutting vinyl and needs to be enhanced in some manner.

2. Customer fails to submit the proper artwork files.

3. Files we do not accept:
    a. GIFs
    b. Low resolution images from the web
    c. Images which infringe on copyrights or trademarks which a customer does not have permission to use.
    d. Low resolution photocopies
    e. Faxes
    f. .docx files
    g. PowerPoint files

B. How Long Before I Receive My Sign and Why Does It Take Too Long at Times?

1. Production begins upon receipt of a customer's deposit and their final approval of their artwork.

2. Production delays occur when the customer changes the copy on their sign.

3. Changed copy on a sign causes us to reschedule the work and bumps the customer out of their place in the production line.

4. Sand carved signs depend upon the weather and availability of materials.

5. Customer fails to fulfill requests for updated artwork which results in delays with sign production.

D. How Do I Submit My Artwork?

1. We accept the following media:

- Email files up to 20MB
and larger files accepted with prior notification.
- FlashDrives
- FlashCards
- SD

2. When you have artwork designed by a third party if possible please provide us with a printed color composite of your artwork.

F. How Do I Pay for My Sign?

1. Payment in full is due upon delivery of your signs.

2. We are not a bank! Please make arrangements for payments prior to paying your 50% deposit.

3. We accept the following types of payments:
- cash
- checks
- most major credit cards.

4. We accept government contract payments 30 days after receipt of signs.

E. What Type of Artwork Do I Need to Submit?

1. For a printed sign:
- EPS, Illustrator 10.0 Mac or PC in high resolution.
- TIFF without layers.
- JPEG OR JPG, high resolution with at least 300 dpi
- PDF with fonts embedded

2. For a vinyl sign:
- EPS, Illustrator 10.0 Mac or PC, Vectorized Image
- PDF with fonts embedded