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Third Party Artwork: Submitted By Customer's Graphic Artist/Designer

All photographs displayed on our website are copyrighted. The actual signs/designs are copyrighted by the original owners of the artwork.

1. We will not alter artwork sent/submitted to us by other sign companies and graphic designers. It is the responsibility of the sign company/graphic designer who created/sent the files to alter their artwork.

It is unethical for us to alter another professional's artwork.

If the customer possesses full ownership of the artwork with a signed release from the original author of the artwork, we can alter the artwork. Please read our Copyright Policy to understand the meaning of full ownership.

2. We will create a new design which fits our specifications and standards. Or make suggestions on how to improve the artwork sent/submitted to us by a third party.

3. We reserve the right to refuse artwork which does not meet with our specifications and standards.
4. Artwork below our specifications and standards:
    a. Unreadable fonts.
    b. Low contrast between colors:

    black or blue on red or purple;
    red or purple on black or blue;
    blue on black or black on blue;
    yellow on white or white on yellow.

    These are the worst offenders.

    c. Poor layout
    d. A sign which cannot be instantly and clearly read. A piece of artwork, though beautiful, is not necessarily a sign.

All customers with artwork from third party designers must possess a signed copyright release from the original designer of the artwork, whether the artwork comes from another sign company or a graphic designer or some other source.

Photographs are considered artwork and carry the same stipulations. Please read our Copyright Policy for more information on this.