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Oak Harbor Signs & Graphics's Copyright Policy

What Is A Copyright?
It is a protection granted to authors of original works by the United States Constitution and the Copyright Act of 1976. Other countries have copyright laws for protection as well.

The law protects authors from the unauthorized duplication, transmogrification, and transportation (to another person or place) of their original works by imposing damages and/or criminal penalties on those who violate the author's copyright.

Our Policy Regarding Third Party Artwork:
A customer must possess a signed copyright release from the original author of the artwork, whether that artwork comes from another sign company or a graphic designer or some other source.

Our Policy Regarding Our Artwork:
Our original artwork is copyrighted by law and may not be given to any graphic artist or other sign shop without first paying a fee in which you gain permission to use the artwork as is. The artwork cannot be altered, added to, transmogrified, etc. in any form, manner, and/or shape.

A second type of fee enables the buyer full rights of ownership. The buyer or their graphic artist can alter, add to, etc. the original artwork to another company. Each company specifies their rules and regulations about the usage of purchased artwork.


Creator of the original artwork.

In our case, Oak Harbor Signs & Graphics is the creator of the original artwork not the individual sign designers.

Copyright Mark:
Copyright is designated by the copyright symbol © or the word copyright or the date created or a proof number or a studio or artist's name.

By law, the copyright mark is not necessary to prove copyright.

Original Works:
They include but are not limited to: books, magazines, music, paintings, photographs, blueprints, and artwork.

Just because a photograph is displayed on the www does not mean it is available for free use.

A written signed release from the original artist which grants permission to use or copy their original artwork. A typical release contains: a description of the artwork; number of copies/sizes; date permission expires; artist's name; copyright artist signature; artist's address and phone number; date signed.